Our Veterans ~ Our National Treasure


Veterans Administration

Joe Molina is the Executive Vice President of the Veterans Administration Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Molina is the Vice President of the GSN Veterans Affairs.  This means he directs GSN activities for the Veterans.

This includes serving as the Host of our show, Veterans Solutions.  Valerie Lucio serves as Co-Host to Mr. Molina.

Read further to see what GSN is doing to support our Veterans.

Veterans Solutions

Veterans Solutions Media

GSN produces a show for the Veterans which airs on the Internet and on a variety of television stations.  

While the military offers classes to prepare the Veteran for their return to civilian life, there is so much support and assistance needed after their return.

Mr. Molina is sensitive to  their needs and discusses solutions available to them it on the show.

Valerie Lucio is the reporter on the street and the Co-Host with Mr. Molina on the show.


Veterans Chamber of Commerce & GSN


Free PTSD Sessions for our Veterans

GSN Network and the Veterans Administration Chamber of Commerce is now offering FREE protocols for our Veterans with PTSD.

For Veterans to receive these benefits, please call your Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

Veterans Gateway Campuses

Veterans Gateway Campus

Ms. Sullivan and Lucio are working with the City Counsel and planners in San Diego, California as well as other cities to develop Campuses for our Veterans.

These facilities are designed to be not only housing but job training, a restaurant,  catering service and other training services on site.

Our goal is for the campus to be a launching pad for our Veterans as they return to work and civilian life.

Our cost for the building is about $250,000.

We operate two 501 (c) (3)'s


Music Therapy for Veterans


Music Therapy for Veterans

GSN Network has teamed up with Floyd Smith of the Fifth Dimension musical group to create specialized recordings that have therapeutic signals embedded in Floyd's music.

If you are interested in this therapy please contact GSN Network for registration information.

Where Were You When . . .

Baby Shower for Military Wives Whose Husbands were Deployed

We had a Baby Shower for 50 Military Wives whose husbands were deployed.

What a time of joy for us but also the families.

It was an honor for me to visit with each of the families and thank them for their service but also to let them know they are appreciated.  

These kids work so hard to protect you and I and our nation.  They don't hear 'Thank You' or how much they are appreciated.

Serving in the Military is a family experience.  One spouse may be deployed while the other spouse has full responsibility for the family and the home.  What I am trying to say is both husband and wife need your love, care and appreciation.  

The children need additional love and support while Dad or Mom are deployed.  

Churches and Youth Activity Clubs have so much to offer the children, please friends, donate your time, your love and your support.

I got to dress up like Kermit the Frog and enjoy the children before I got out of that hot frog suit to invest time with each of the families.

Thank You to the La Costa Resort for donating their large banquet room and catering the event.

Thank you to the merchants in San Diego for their support donating thousands of dollars in new baby furniture, toys, diapers and more.

Enjoy the pictures below.  


News and Meetings


January 4, 2019

Veterans team officers will meet regarding the Veterans programs and a new project on the table.

If any team member has information to contribute or desires additional information, please call Dennis to discuss.

January 6, 2019

We are having our first production meeting with the producers, talent and writers.

We will set dates to shoot all three shows.

Dennis will be released from the hospital on January 11 and shooting will start shortly thereafter.

Questions; call Stephanie or Dennis.

Radio Play on Light's New Album

Dennis' new Christian Rock album 'Great Day Ahead'  will be released on January 10th.

It will be available on ITunes, Google, Amazon and about twenty other retail outlets.

Stations started playing it three days after promotional material was sent to stations.  Knowing the release dates, they started playing it; over 570 times in the past week.

The majority of play has been in the U.S. followed by England then Canada.

Dennis will be releasing the Country album Child Like Faith on Monday, February 4.  Unlike Great Day Ahead, this will be a free download.

Proceeds from sales go toward the Veterans projects, BrainTek scholarships and Passion 4 KIDS children's charities.