Changed Lives

Each of these wonderful people created a video for us.  None of the videos are scripted, they are simply sharing their experiences.  Click through their discussion and you will see a video link.  Click on it to see the videos.

Changed Lives

Head Trauma



Vestibular  challenges, seizures severe dizziness, sound and crowds was overwhelming.  Nine  years of seizure disorders.  He had to wear eye covers because anything  that moved would induce seizure or vestibular challenges.  

Still doing fine after nine years.  His MD said if it wasn't for the steel plate in his head, he wouldn't know he had a TBI.  

... and he got his drivers license back.

Meet Kirk

RSD / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Endocrine


 Over  16 years treated at major U.S. university for RSD. Lots of pain   medication, morphine, Turned off implant a week into the program  program and  has not had RSD affects since. 

This video was taken three months after   the program. It has now been three years and still pain and RSD free.  

Adrenals working fine.

Meet Jacquline

Paralyzed / Hospice


Izaiah was run over by a drunk teenage driver at the age of 18 months.  He was in the hospital almost 300 days.  He had 7  surgeries, blind and paralyzed.   He was sent home to hospice.

We were contacted to work on his case after he was released from the hospital.  His vision returned after 2 weeks and movement in his arms and legs at 5 weeks.

The family has been featured on the Doctor Phil show two times regarding his accident.

Izaiah Press Conforence

Stroke: Paralyzed / Speach


John lost his ability to walk and speak following a stroke. He was unable to dress himself and had other stroke related issues.

Read and watch this strong man and his wife keep their sights on recovery.  We magnify what we focus on.  From walking again to some of his first words.

Meet John

Cerebral Palsy / Paralyzed Left Arm


Tori was referred to us at the age of 15 1/2 years of age.  

She was working with a Cerebral Palsy institute in Pennsylvania.

I loved Torri's attitude.  She came for her Solution and found it!  

Watch her video as she tells how she got movement back in her arm and was able to get out of the wheel chair. Pay close attention to what the institute wrote on her file - It's all in her video.

Meet Tori

Car Accident / Coma


Gabby  was involved in a traffic accident. Paramedics were rushing her to the  hospital.   

The oncoming car did not see or hear the siren of the  ambulance; the ambulance did not see the car. The impact put Gabby into  what would be a seven year coma. 

Her left collarbone and left hip was broken and now panic attacks and spasms were a major part of her life. 

There is nothing stronger than a mother's love.  When the world drops on you, a mother's love runs deep.

Her mother saw us on Telemundo news and  started calling the station, the charity representing the child that was on the news and we made contact.

Mariam was determined to find her solution.  Click on the link below to Meet Gabby, her mother, Mariam, her physical therapist, Eric.

Meet Gabby

Fell from roof while working on a commercial building


 How do you reach for a solution when you are in a coma?  With your heart and a praying, loving family.

When  this gentleman was refereed to us, he could stand for only a few  seconds before feeling like passing out.  His speech was very  challenged.   Their determination and love overcomes so much when you are reaching for a Solution!

Click below to see how they found their Solution.

Meet RC

Learning Disorders


Learning Disorders, Autism to ADHD, the self-esteem and confidence takes a hard hit.

Listen to the insight we receive from Riana.  What she says of her recovery is exciting, her discussion gives us some insight to what is going on inside.

Click the link below to hear Riana tell her story.

Meet Riana

Top Gun - PTSD / Vision after return from Gulf War


Link to Top Gun's Video.  

He tells the story much better than we could write it.

Meet Top Gun

OCD Gone! A Mother Tells Her Son's Story


For a family with an OCD child, life can be difficult and exhausting. 


OCD  affects the entire family often causing excess anxiety, stress and  depression for other family members.  For the person suffering with OCD,  they feel just as down. 


They are aware of their rituals and compulsions, they are aware of the irrational behavior but feel unable to control it.

This teen's doctor, school and friends noticed the drastic change.


His mother tells the story. 

Link to OCD Video

Recovered Sense of Smell in Days


 Venice  lived without the sense of smell for over 20 years.  

Her Solution came quite rpidly!

She recovered it  in days at BrainTek Institute in San Diego, California.  

Link to Venice's Video

Baby Abby Story



The Abby Story As Told By Her Parents.  

Abby went 18 minutes without oxygen.  Doctors made the decision to turn off her life support.   They called the family in to say their goodby's . . . but Abby kept breathing and her heart kept beating.


When I first saw Abby, I could hold her up with my hands under her arms and she would simply dangle.  She was like a rag doll.

I will never forget that night.  I placed her on a blanket on the floor and turned on a protocol for her first time.  

I went back behind my desk, standing and started talking about that beautiful raven haired baby laying on the mat in front of the desk.

This little lady who couldn't move a muscle all of a sudden raised her head and moved her ear in my direction.

Watch this wonderful family as they tell their story.   A positive attitude is only the beginning.  They focused on their solution and went for it!

Link to Baby Abby's Video

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Link to Clinical and Educational Studies as well as result documentation.  

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